Let the King of my heart
Be the mountain where I run
The fountain I drink from
Oh-oh, He is my song
Let the King of my heart
Be the shadow where I hide
The ransom for my life
Oh-oh, He is my song

-Sarah McMillan-

When I first heard this song, I immediately resonated with its lyrics.

Because I have always yearned for a king to rule my heart, to carress it, to make it flip flop.

And I have found Him.

His name is King Jesus.

When I am scared and feeling so weak, I run into his strong arms and He is the mountatin that stands firm as I cling to Him.

When I am so so tired and I feel like giving up, I drink from His fountain – the living water that refreshes my soul.

When I am weary of being in the limelight and I feel like I can’t put on a smile and cheery front anymore, He is the shadow where I hide – behind the curtains, where I can just be myself.

When I sin and I make huge boo-boos, He is the ransom for my life – the One who readily forgives me and redeems me. The One who died for my sins and rose again, because He loved me that much.

I love to sing. But when I sing to Him, I feel His presence envelop me like a lovely warm blanket. And a river of joy just fills me up, and I can’t stop smiling and moving, and sometimes I start dancing. He is my song.

I believe that we all look for someone who won’t ever fail us, whom we can always trust. But reality is, humans make mistakes. We all disappoint each other, one way or another.

But Jesus doesn’t. He never fails, and His love never fails.

And I’ve come to realise that when I just spend time with Him and let Him love me, all my disappointments just leave me and I’m filled with so much love, joy and peace. And with His love, I am also able to love others, forgive others and do my best to not hurt others.

Jesus is the reason why our relationships – whether they may be friendships, marriages, etc. – can last. Because despite the disappointments, God’s love heals all the hurt and renews the love and bonds.

My dear friends and readers, I hope that you will let Jesus be the King of your heart. Because He loves you so much already and He will never let you down.

May the Shalom of the Lord be with you.


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