This is the moment for our generation

This is the time we arise for Your Kingdom

This is the sound of Your Spirit moving

Revival has come, Revival is here!

-SIBKL Worship-

I cannot even begin to describe the revival heart. But perhaps I will use a quote from one of my youth leaders: “Revival is when ready hearts collide with the power of God.” Wow, COLLIDE. It makes me think of an explosion, or something huge, with a lot of impact.

“Revival is when ready hearts collide with the power of God.”

Last Tuesday / Wednesday, I went for an overnight prayer tower being held at my church. We were praying for our country as it was Independence Day in our land.

At first, I just felt sooo sooo tired. I was so exhausted after a long day at school, and all I wanted to do was just go home and catch up on some sleep. In front of me, there was this lady who was jumping up and down for joy while singing. I was like: ‘How in the world does she still have the energy?’ When the clock struck midnight, I just thought: ‘Yay, it’s Independence Day! Can I go home now?’ Right when I was about to ask my mom if we could go back home, the speaker asked all the young people to go forward, so everyone in the room could pray for them.

My response: ‘Sigh, okay God.’ So I walked up to the front of the room along with the rest of my fellow young ones. Immediately, I felt the power of God just wash over me. It was like someone had just dumped a huge bucket of cold water on my head. I felt super awake and so refreshed. I just began to woship Him as the speaker prayed for us.

Then this lady in front of me started to pray for me. She prayed that God would clear my mind and that my mind would be His. I felt so wonderfully peaceful as I just stood in God’s presence.

After that, another lady behind me started speaking Words into my life. I cannot remember everything she said but to sum it up, she started blessing my family and my children. I was really shocked because I am only 16 and here she is, talking about my future family. She also said that I would remember God’s goodness throughout my life. Wow!

After those prayers, I walked back to my seat feeling pretty shaken up. My heart just felt so… REVIVED! I just had this unexplainable joy bursting forth from my heart.

Suddenly, I felt this Word coming from God telling me something about one of my friends. You see, this friend had just moved back to Malaysia with his family after staying overseas for many years. So I felt God telling me that the family had come back to Malaysia for a purpose, like it was a part of God’s plan. And I was so excited, because this is a very important time – a time of revival!

That was actually the first Word I had ever received for a specific person / people. After telling my friend about what I sensed, I just couldn’t stop feeling that amazing joy in my heart. I felt so so blessed that night, and I went back home with a newly revived heart.

Now, I just want to see other people experience this revival in their hearts, just like me. I hope that I will be able to touch other people’s lives and introduce them to the love and power of God. In the words of my youth leader: “A revived heart revives hearts!”

And why is this revived heart so important? Because when we are connected to God’s power and love, when we totally surrender our hearts to him, then we can be unstoppable! Together, we can change the world!

Next week, my church SIBKL will he hosting a hugeee event called E16: Unstoppable. I know it is going to be a great time of revival and just surrendering to God. One moment can change your life forever. I know that for sure.

For now, I just pray that all of us – you and me, dear reader –  will be able to catch this revival spirit. Because when we let God into our lives, He will transform us forever!

May the Shalom of the Lord be with you.

We are gonna change the world

In Your power and Your love

Nothing is impossible

In You we are unstoppable!

-SIBKL Worship-


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