Oh the joy I’ve found
Surrendering my crowns
At the feet of the King
Who surrendered everything

-Brian Johnson (Bethel Music)-

Surrender. How weak it sounds.

Giving up our golds, our perfectly-planned dreams – and all for what?

I had a wonderful, blessed childhood. Growing up in the West was the best because it was filled with open space and imagination, not to mention the almost unlimited access to libraries and my favourite shops (Target and Costco, anyone?) I loved my school, friends and teachers, and I couldn’t imagine living in any other world.

Then I moved to Asia. No Target. No Costco. Few libraries. It was change, 180 degrees.

But in the end, it turned out to be good change. I found my love for acting and public speaking. I connected with many different types of people, all who have had an impact on my life. I have access to the best food ever! But most importantly, I connected with a church that helped me to grow spiritually and deeper in my relationship with God. I could move on with my life without complaints and regrets.

So, surrendering? Was it the right choice to surrender to God’s perfect plans? Yes.

And I know that in the future, it might mean surrendering my skills and talents so that He may use them – use me in a way that will glorify Him. Yes I have big dreams, but whether or not they be what God wants me to pursure, He ultimately has the biggest and best ‘dream’ for my life. And I know that is going to be AH-MA-ZING!

Compared to Jesus, who literally surrendered His life for me, surrendering to Him just means placing my trust in Him and letting Him take control. And in surrendering, I can experience His perfect peace in knowing that the bigger picture will turn out to be extraordinary beautiful.

My prayer for all of us is that we will be able to wholly surrender to our Lord, letting go of all our doubts, fears and regrets. I pray that we will just let Him mould our lives and breathe on our hearts; so that in the end, we can see that He has made something beautiful.

May the Shalom of the Lord be with you.

You can have it all, Lord
Every part of my world
Take this life and breathe on
This heart that is now Yours

-Brian Johnson (Bethel Music)-


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