As humans, we do not naturally want to give things we like and treasure to others. (There are some rare cases though.) Instead, we feel like we want to keep everything to ourselves and hug it all close… But that’s not going to work. You see, if you already have so many things, how can God and others bless you? That is where giving and letting go comes in. I have learnt through my own experiences that giving and letting go is not easy… but I know it will get easier when you start by taking baby steps. Donate your unworn or ‘too-small’ clothes to charity. Give your old electronic device to the needy. Or it could be as simple as brightening up your baby sister’s day with a stuffed toy. I took my baby steps recently by letting go some of my savings. It was upsetting at first (I had a good cry!) … but in the end, it gave me a sense of peace. Just remember, dear reader, it’s never too late to practise the art of giving and letting go…


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